Nephro Plants from Spain, the difference greenplants, grown under the Spanish sun, a strong plant DIPLADENIA send us your request for availability NERIUM OLEANDER THE BEST QUALITY PHORNIUM FIELDS FROM ORIGEN TO SPAIN TILLANDSIA WIDE ASSORTMENT IN YOUNGPLANTS AVAILABLE
Our services

For any kind of production

During many years we have created a network from supliers worldwide, specialists all having experience and quality orientated.

Young Plants

we offer a wide range of young plants, imported from many countries


the seed selection is a very specilized work, at Palcoplant we work with the highest qyuality demands

Green Plants

All kind of green plants we offer, do not hesitate and request our lists or ask for a login code at our site.


In Spring we offer a wide range in Nerium oleander, Dipladenia, Hibiscus and many more...

to produce a quality plant, we start with a good planning


a constan control from the plants, starting at the youngplant and during the whole process, and very important the control of the environmental impact.


the transport is extremely important, how is the plant, temperature, duration and many more details

We deliver a high quality product

  • a Quality product

  • lFast en effective logistics

  • we contro, the Quality

  • the detail is important

  • quick info

  • secure shipments

What our suppliers & clients say about us

Thanks for developing with us many new plants, this gives many people work in our nurseries, Thanks to thes we have lifted our standard now and see an increasing demand in the export of our young plants to Europe.
Alejandro in Ecuador
production in the greenhouse
In the past we had several suppliers from Spanish plants but now only one, the control you have during loading, barcodes and prices, the arrival of the trucks and the ease of comunication is very important. With Palcoplant we can talk our own language and we can explain clearly what we want. So everything comes right. we comunicate fast and with ease, so we gain in time and avoid problems
Gunter im Gartencenter
client from Germany
We contact Palcoplant some years ago as we had problems with our Spanish supplier, alway's an issue with comunication, different standards and the tipical problems, now we comunicate fast and direct. we can concentrate on our job in Holland as we have covered our back with a serious supplier.
Kees at Plant export
export company at Royal Flora Holland

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