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Call for our offer in young & fisished plants

At Palcoplant we have a graet offer on young plants and Seeds

Our plants we import from many countries, weekly we receive by air and by boat the plants and once they passed the Phytosaneterian inspeciton we send the plants to our custumers.

Also we export superb quality Plants from Spain to many Garden Centers and Wholesale companies EU wide

At Palcoplant we work with high standard in quality, you can find our Plants at the best companies

Complete Catalogue, good planning

what do we do for you

We work with an experienced team in Spain & the Netherlands

01Palco "CHECK"

control from the production field, control at loading, control in the whole chain

02Palco "QUALITY"

We work with quality products, we help in prodution planning, in the use of fertilizers and plague control

03Palco "LOGI"

We organize the logisitics from any production area in the world to the best producer and afterwards we arrange the transport to te best sales points in Europe

Why Palcoplant

Cuidamos la Logistica

We floowup the plant from origen up to its final destination


At Palcoplant we work with a good control from the beginning to the end, the only way to secuere a high quality plant


Our clients in Europe demand a high level control from their plants. Each client is different and we personalize the follow-up to every destination


We update our product and avalability lists non stop, those we have available in many languages.

What our clients say about us

Thanks for developing with us many new plants, this gives many people work in our nurseries, Thanks to thes we have lifted our standard now and see an increasing demand in the export of our young plants to Europe.
Alejandro in Ecuador
production in the greenhouse
In the past we had several suppliers from Spanish plants but now only one, the control you have during loading, barcodes and prices, the arrival of the trucks and the ease of comunication is very important. With Palcoplant we can talk our own language and we can explain clearly what we want. So everything comes right. we comunicate fast and with ease, so we gain in time and avoid problems
Gunter im Gartencenter
client from Germany
We contact Palcoplant some years ago as we had problems with our Spanish supplier, alway's an issue with comunication, different standards and the tipical problems, now we comunicate fast and direct. we can concentrate on our job in Holland as we have covered our back with a serious supplier.
Kees at Plant export
export company at Royal Flora Holland
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