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Mandevilla Bloom Bells ®

  • Variedad: Dipladenia Bloombells
  • Sales start: Februari
  • Breeder: de Zonnebloem

De Zonnebloem Jonge Planten BV specialises in the propagation and breeding of terrace plants. The young plants are for sale as unrooted and rooted cuttings. Most varieties are available year-round. Unique products in the assortment are: Anisodontea Elegans series, Abutilon series, Mandevilla Bloom Bells® series, Tibouchina selection, Hibiscus Moscheutos Extreme series, Lantana stem series, Thunbergia assortment and a full assortment for tub plant stem culture.


Mandevilla Bloom Bells ®

Mandevilla Bloom Bells® Yellow is an early flowering plant and its big, dark yellow flowers which remain on the plant for a long time make it a striking and unique addition to this series which was only available as red and pink cultivars until now. The Mandevilla Bloom Bells® are well branching and early flowering plants with large flowers and bright colours. Suitable for 10 cm pots, branched, up to 17 cm pots with a pyramid/rack. The plant is also quite suitable for bowls and hanging pots.

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Mandevilla Bloom Bells ® festival de colorMandevilla Bloom Bells ® ideasMandevilla Bloom Bells ® colganteMandevilla Bloom Bells ®Mandevilla Bloom Bells ® Cream PinkMandevilla Bloom Bells ® Un rojo intensoMandevilla Bloom Bells ® Dark Pink

Mandevilla Bloom Bells ® festival de color

Mandevilla Bloom Bells ® ideas

Mandevilla Bloom Bells ® colgante

Mandevilla Bloom Bells ®

Mandevilla Bloom Bells ® Cream Pink

Mandevilla Bloom Bells ® Un rojo intenso

Mandevilla Bloom Bells ® Dark Pink


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